School of Physics People Directory

Physics Group: Astrophysics

Group email: astrogroup at ph dot unimelb dot edu dot au

Alpha Mastrano Postdoc Fellow in Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
Andrew Melatos Professor
Andrey Sokolov Postgraduate Student
Anthea King Postdoctoral Researcher in Astrophysics
Antonios Katsianis Postgraduate Student
Bart Pindor GPU Scientist
Bryn Haskell ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher
Camila Correa Postgraduate Student
Catherine de Burgh-Day Postgraduate Student
Chiara Tonini Postdoctoral Researcher in High Redshift Galaxy Formation
Christian Reichardt Lecturer-Cosmologist
Chuanwu Liu Postgraduate Student
Clare Kenyon Postgraduate Student
Craig Burnett Postgraduate student
Daniel Neri Lairios Postgraduate Student
Edward Taylor ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher
Fanuel Rumokoy Masters in Science Student
George Howitt Postgraduate Student
Hansik Kim ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher
Ho Chan Cheon Master in Science Student
Jacinta den Besten Laby Teaching and Outreach Fellow
Jack Line Postgraduate Student
Jaehong Park Postgraduate Student
James Davies Masters in Science student
Jennifer Riding Postgraduate Student
Jude Prezens Undergraduate Laboratory Assistant
Katherine Mack CAASTRO Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical Cosmology
Kim Dorrell Executive Officer - CAASTRO
Kirsty Waring Administration Officer - ARC Laureate Fellowship
Laura Wolz CAASTRO Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical Cosmology
Letizia Sammut Postgraduate Student
Ling Sun Postgraduate student
Lisa Drummond Masters in Science student
Magnus Zethoven Masters in Science Student
Mahsa Rahimi Postgraduate student
Maxim Priymak Postgraduate Student
Michele Trenti Senior Lecturer and ARC Future Fellow
Noura Alonzi Postgraduate Student
Patrick Clearwater Postgraduate Student
Paul Angel Postgraduate Student
Paul Geil Postdoctoral Fellow In High Redshift Galaxy Formation
Peter Robertson Honorary Fellow
Pietro Procopio CAASTRO Postdoctoral Fellow in Low Frequency Reionization
Rachel Webster Professor
Ricardo DAmico Masters in Science Student
Robert Barone-Nugent Postgraduate Student
Sarah Schon Postgraduate Student
Sinem Ozbilgen Postgraduate Student
Stuart Wyithe Deputy Head of School, ARC Laureate Fellow
Tristan Reynolds Masters in Science Student
Wee Chaimanowong Masters in Science Student
Yuxiang Qin Postgraduate Student
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